Memphis Daily News: Loeb Builds On Success

"Currently, Loeb Properties is excited about the redevelopment of Overton Square. The acquisition and renovation of retail space and mixed-use properties on the south side of Madison Avenue is where the company’s focus will remain for the next 18 to 24 months, Bob Loeb said.

The company’s focus on Memphis, the Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area and specifically the New Urbanism Movement, is helping to grow the company and give Loeb the opportunity to form positive working relationships in areas such as Midtown.

“It’s really exciting,” Bob Loeb said. “It’s incredible – the amount of comments we get from people who are encouraging. So many people, spanning probably three decades in age group, have a lot of sentimental attachment to Overton Square. Since it’s been in such a sad state for 10 years and we now have a plan that seems very viable, people are encouraged and we’re getting a lot of support – a lot of ideas – from a lot of people.”"

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