David Lynch Mural at Bari Ristorante

Loeb Properties seeks opportunities to incorporate public art wherever possible to add a sense of place to every property.

Many art installations are taking shape or are in the works for Overton Square. The first piece in production is a mural by David Lynch, on the north-facing wall of the Bari Ristorante building, at 22 South Cooper. Upon first look, the wall has a lot of challenges, with the number of windows, electrical attachments, and wires:

Here are some words about the project from the artist, David Lynch:

"First it was an honor to work with Lou [Loeb] & Carol [Deforest] on such a main-statement mural for Overton Square in which I spent a lot of time in my youth – some good, some bad.  The area is so rich in character with the older buildings and with Overton Park as the backdrop, that I wanted to capture that in the art piece.
As for the Bari Wall itself, some would say that it would be hard to incorporate 13 windows, 2 doors and a lot of meters and wires into a mural, but I envisioned the basis for the final mural from the first time that I saw the wall.  It is actually a combination of art styles, one being my contemporary cityscape style, then I blended in a bit of folk art styling –  in the sense that I layered the buildings to give it a look of depth, but all the facades are facing forward – yet the piece still has depth and dimensions."

Watch this public artwork continue to take shape; we look forward to enjoying the impact it will have on Overton Square’s aesthetic presence. Patrons will be able to enjoy this creative and colorful masterpiece for years to come.