Wiseacre, Binghampton Gateway, High Point, Porch & Parlor dominate BRED's retail/restaurant category

MBJ's inaugural Best Real Estate Deals event was held April 25 at the Cadre Building. Below are the 2019 finalists for the BRED awards in the retail/restaurant category.

Flight owners take Overton Square corner

After the legalization of liquor-by-the-drink in 1969, a group of young developers created a bustling Midtown hangout known as Overton Square.

For more than a decade, Overton Square was renowned for its entertainment, and nightlife. But, after ownership changes and decades of decline that started in the 1980s, Overton Square was all but abandoned. Cue Memphian brothers Bob and Louis Loeb of Loeb Properties Inc., who purchased the development in 2012.

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