Siblings prepare Asian restaurant for spring opening in Germantown

Siblings with decades of experience in the local restaurant industry are preparing to open their first eatery together at a shopping center in Germantown.

Cathy Hsu, Jeffrey Hsu, and Linda Wang expect to open the Asian-cuisine restaurant East Meet West at the end of April. The spot will be located at 7867 Farmington Road in the Farmington Centre shopping center, between Van's Alterations and Jazzercise Fitness Center.

“We thought it was the right time to open a restaurant together,” said Cathy Hsu, who will serve as the restaurant's manager.

Renovations are underway for the 1,800-square-foot space, which will seat 50 people in the dining area.

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Korean restaurant opening near U of M

A local, family-owned restaurant is set to open its third location near the University of Memphis.

Du and Won Lee opened their first Korean restaurant in 2002, at South Mendenhall Road's intersection with Winchester Road, offering very traditional food and serving a primarily Korean clientele.

The Lees sons, Jun and Hwan, then took the reins in 2010. They renamed it DWJ and moved east, to 3750 Hacks Cross Road. Making the restaurant more accessible to a wider audience, the brothers found enough success at the new location to open a second location in Cooper Young two years ago. There, they've seen business boom.

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Loeb Plans to Demolish, Redevelop Poplar Avenue Property

Loeb Properties Inc. is preparing to demolish the pair of office buildings at 5575 Poplar Ave.

The prominent real estate company recently sent tenants of Executive Square a letter telling them that a demolition is being planned for the pair of 1973 office buildings and that they will be replaced with a new development Loeb is involved in.

Ciara Neill, Loeb's spokeswoman, confirmed the plans Tuesday and said the company is working with "a lead candidate" on the "major redevelopment."

"We're very pleased with the interest we've been getting from prospective users," Neill said.

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New York Transplant Opens Local Pizzeria

One day in the early 1990s, the owner of a small, Long Island pizzeria was left shorthanded by a quarrel between his two sons. He turned to the dishwasher, Jose Granados, and told him he was going to learn how to make pizza that day.

Ever since, Granados has been making pizza off-and-on and saving up money to open his own place.

On Monday, the 43-year-old is set to achieve his long-held goal, with the opening of New York Style Pizzeria in Collierville.

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Golden India, Overton Square and the Loeb trademark

This week it was revealed that a longtime Overton Square restaurant tenant planned to move — slightly.

Golden India filed an application with the Shelby County Land Use Control Board to have a piece of property at 20 N. Cooper St. changed from its current residential zoning to accommodate a new, 2,900-square-foot restaurant. The site is immediately next door to Ballet Memphis.

If approved, the new Golden India location would be about a three-minute walk from its current home at 2097 Madison Ave. It's a small move geographically, but it's one that would take them outside the Overton Square parameters.

This week’s MBJ cover article, “Defining the shape of the Square,” looks at the federal trademarks for “Overton Square” and “Overton Square Memphis” granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and registered to Loeb Realty Co. Inc.

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Loeb purchases site near Overton Square

Last week, Loeb Properties spent $1.4 million on a site that is currently home to a Burger King near Loeb-owned Overton Square.

The two-parcel property, located at 2090 Union Ave., has a combined appraised value of about $1 million, according to the Shelby County Assessor of Property's website. It is about a block away from the property where Loeb plans to build a new, 7,500-square-foot retail center.

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